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Our method

Green Learning Programs gives you a unique starting point if you want to increase your knowledge as well as your understanding within the green and sustainable field. During our programs you will learn about Danish and Nordic culture and get hands-on experiences in the green economy of Scandinavia. 

The workshops will challenge you and make sure you move forward with a new understanding of the green sector and provide knowledge about what is possible within sustainable development. Green solutions exist, we just need to leverage their impact and challenge the current status quo. We present to you a number of best-practices as well as introduce you to interesting organizations and companies that are behind. Our workshops evolve around the UN's Sustainability Development Goals, the SDG's. This is your chance to get inspired and become a change maker of tomorrow. 


We make sure that you will really experience Copenhagen, Denmark and the Nordic countries in a framework of exceptional out and see experiences. Moreover you will get to know our country socially too as we invite you to meet Danish students at an informal get-together at one of the dorms of Copenhagen.


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