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Our environment is changing and climate change is a fact and we need to work on being independent of fossil fuels. A green economy  and green growth are the only ways to make it happen. 

We help students gain a fulfilling short-term educational experience in our future’s most pressing climate issues. We help them get inspiration and concrete methods as how to work in this area and be assets for the green labor market of the future.


We include the UN’s sustainability development goals (SDG) in our work-shops, as we believe it is important to challenge our program topics with the SDG’s to ensure that you will move forward after attending the program and learn valuable lessons. We expect you to find yourself at another level after attending our programs.

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Green Nordic Hub was founded in 2017 by Helene Hjortlund and consists of Green Bike Tours (2012) and Green Learning Programs (2016). “My vision with Green Learning Programs is to share what Scandinavia has obtained in the green sector. We have a lot to show and I really do believe that a study tour to this part of the world is a unique opportunity if you really want to understand the complexity of going green” - Helene Hjortlund.


Managing Director, Helene Hjortlund, takes a great interest in energy and green solutions and prior to this worked for 12 years as a communications advisor and manager in the energy business. She was also the Managing Director of Green Seminars that offered strategic learning to foreign cities to enable them to accelerate their city’s transition to green economy. She has a master in Italian and is an authorised guide with diploma.

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